Tinlicker – Triangle / Maandag out now on Zerothree!

Deep in bowels of a studio complex in Utrecht lives Tinlicker, a solitary robot, working his fingers to the core, intent on the creation of a new style and sound Zerothree welcomes this new and exciting project to the exciting roster of talent.

Jordi and Micha (Tinlicker) come with a vast background in music production and live performance. Micha known for his extremely successful part in D&B juggernaut Black Sun Empire and Jordi who has experimented with a range of sounds on highly respected labels such as Kitsuné and Eskimo; a duo I think you will agree not to be messed with.

Triangle and Maandag forms the impressive EP; a beautiful blend of techno infused, progressive music; just what the Zerothree lover ordered! The Tinlicker robot is here and it is just the start of something very magical.