The 2014 favourites of Rangleklods

Rangleklods’ Esben Andersen talked about the 2014 favourites of the band. Check it out: “This is what we’ve been listening to the most in 2014. Not much of it is from 2014 but good music has absolutely no age.”

1. Mac Demarco – Salad Days (+Salad Days Demos)
“Without a doubt the album we’ve heard the most this year. To us it’s a masterpiece. Every single song is not just good but great. The vibe is a mix of slacker rock and the soundtrack to the 80’s movie Cocktail. We like every single thing about it.”

2. Burial – Rival Dealer
“Just excellent. Best Burial release so far. And that says a shitload.”

3. Lone – Reality Testing
“Airglow Fires, Coincidences and Begin to Begin are soooo good. Interesting digital textures and superb build ups.”

4. Bitty McLean – On Bond Street
“Walk Away From Love is perfect. This is an old release but we coincidentally heard it somewhere and shazaamed the fuck out of it. Love it. The whole album is good.”

5. William Basinski – Disintegration Loops
“This is an old release (2002-ish) but we learned about it this year through the Radiolab podcast (that we love). Basinski rediscovered some short tape loops he made in the 70’s and while recording them to digital he heard the old tape started to fall apart. Means you listen to a 10 second loop falling apart during 45 minutes. It’s sedating and beautiful.”

6. Beak – Beak
“Geoff Barrow’s side project. Think it’s a couple of years old. Kraut rock extravaganza. Big love.”

7. Iceage Р Plowing into the Field of Love
The Lord’s Favourite is one of our, well, favourite songs of the year. The rest of the album is really good too.”

8. Talking Heads – Remain in Light
“Houses in Motion and Burn Under Punches are lovely, lovely tunes and we were fortunate enough to not find out about them until this year.”

9. Connan Mockasin – Caramel
“Something weird and mostly wonderful is going on on this album.”

10. Ben Khan – Eden
“The EP wasn’t good in it’s entirety but this one song is great. A big Jai Paul vibe going on.”