Meet Anne Broekman’s new collab: Stahlr

Meet Stahlr, our newest member of the Full Spectrum family!

Stahlr is a collab between Anne Broekman (MTT) and Krampfhaft. Inspired by brutalism, horror movies and silent movie actresses she started Stahlr to express a more conceptual sound than she made with MTT. With Stahlr it’s all about contrasts and opposites: the overwhelming futuristic forms of brutalist architecture, masculinity, concrete versus flowing lines, subtle expression and femininity. In search of the right sound, Broekman started working with electronic producer Krampfhaft. Stahlr sounds like Cocteau Twins performing a musical version of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein in a concrete parking garage.

See the video below for Stahlr’s first single “Into The Black”. The song was inspired after watching numerous marathons of classic horror movies and reading Frankenstein. In this song Stahlr tries to catch the paranoid fear, that is often seen in those horror movies while the song is also about the attraction of the darkness and surrendering to it.

This year Stahlr will release three EP’s (the first on May 24th). The first liveshow is on June 18th at ACU in Utrecht.

Published on: Apr 26, 2016 @ 14:08