CUT_ EP release 4th of September at OT301

One of our latest signings is the electronic improvisation duo CUT_ who gained fame with their stunning rework of Stromae’s ‘Papaoutai‘, which just reached more than 1 million plays (!) in just a couple of months. In the meantime Sebastiaan Dutilh and Belle Doron are eager to let the world hear more from themselves.

That’s why they’ve decided to release their debut EP called ‘Patterns‘ next Thursday at OT301 (Amsterdam). For just 5 euros you get entrance and you’re able to download their killer EP for free. Get your tickets in presale and join their FB-event. Don’t miss out if you would like to experience their new liveset, gloomy visuals and a support show by Oraclez.

Not able to make it to the party next week? No worries, they’re planning to play a lot of shows this upcoming Fall, which are nearly all for free.

18.09 Popronde – Nijmegen

19.09 Popronde – Apeldoorn

20.09 IBB Fest – Utrecht

25.09 Popronde – Delft

27.09 Popronde – Enschede

02.10 Popronde – Wageningen

03.10 Popronde – Den Bosch

04.10 Popronde – Almere

09.10 Popronde – Groningen

10.10 Popronde – Arnhem

11.10 Popronde – Haarlem

15.10 Full Spectrum presents ADE @ BAUT – Amsterdam [tickets]

17.10 Popronde – Tilburg

23.10 Popronde – Leeuwarden

25.10 Melkweg – Amsterdam [tickets]

13.11 Popronde – Middelburg

20.11 Popronde – Breda